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Sunday Brunch

11am to 2pm
19.95 per person (3 courses)

Mimosa, Bellini & Bloody Mary $5 each



Fresh mozzarella, sliced beefsteak tomatoes, basil chiffonade, E.V.O.O., balsamic syrup

Baked Brie Strata

Oven baked brie in puffed pastry with blistered cherry tomatoes, basil oil, Himalayan pink sea salt

Autumn Fruit & Nut Granola

Apricots, raisins, walnuts, granola, homemade honey yogurt

Panko Crusted Long Stem Artichokes

Balsamic drizzle, goat cheese fonduta


Arepas Napolitan

Corn butter crisp topped with black bean puree, andouille tomato sautee, poached egg, formaggio fresco

Uove Contadino

Black bean puree, andouille tomato sautee, saffron risotto, sunny-side up egg, hollandaise sauce

Toasted Almond French Toast

Thick cut challah bread, almond infused custard, almond crust, makers mark bourbon & vanilla infused maple syrup, home fries

Eggs Italiano

Poached eggs, crispy pancetta, basil hollandaise, roasted red peppers, on grilled Tuscan bread, home fries

Tuscan Corned Beef Hash

Corn beef, classic hash, peppers, poached egg, hollandaise sauce, basil oil

Chicken Limoncello

Panko battered chicken breast, Limoncello white wine sauce, topped with asparagus